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Web Design: Tallahassee

Catania & Associates is the leading website design and web programming firm in Tallahassee and throughout the Big Bend area. All of the websites and applications we design and build are built completely from scratch to ensure our clients get exactly what they need. We understand the needs of our neighbors in the greater Tallahassee area because we've been in Tallahassee for four years.

Website Design Philosophy

We believe that if your website is going to drive traffic to your business then it needs to be simple to use. Every visitor is a potential client that is never more than a click away from leaving your site. The people who are on your site need to be able to find what they need as efficiently as possible and get the information about you in a clean, easy-to-follow manner. All of our sites come optimized for not only search engine indexing but for each person who visits your site, regardless of their browser, age of computer or speed of connection.

Web Hosting and Other Services

If you're paying over $30/mo for website hosting call us immediately. Depending on the needs of your specific site we can all but guarantee a more cost-effective alternative. The options are plenty for web hosting in Tallahassee however the company we choose to work with guarantees 99.9% uptime and back-up servers as far away as Wisconsin. This ensures when the next hurricane hits, your website and all its data are safe and sound.

Partial Portfolio

PromotionCode.org is a coupon website specializing in online promotion codes.

Keycode is a news source for online shopping and provider of online savings in the form of their trademarked "keycodes".

Unbelievable is a user-driven entertainment site offering funny pictures, offbeat articles, and, of course, cats.

Comparable is a cutting edge comparison site that the offers the unique ability to compare disperate or seemingly uncomparable items.

Wanting.com is an affiliateless coupon site intended to be a one-stop repository of all known coupon codes.

Dr. Frugal was once one of the most well-read tax finance websites. Even today it still maintains a following for people looking to pull themselves out of debt.

Lifelock Promo Code is a site that offers promotion codes for the identity theft protection company Lifelock

Availability provides by-zipcode information regarding which telecom services exist in an area. Currently covers Verizon FIOS, Brighthouse, and Time Warner Cable.

Poke Around was built to conduct public searches of audio files via the Google API as a proof of concept.

The Truth About Babies is a behind-the-scenes look at parenting that strives to give a more honest representation of what it's like to be a parent.

Reliable SMS is site/app that lets you send emails as text-messages for free.

Ms. Frugal is a compendium site to Dr. Frugal that is specifically geared towards issues women face in personal finance.

Harry Houdini is devoted to the life of the greatest magician ever--Harry Houdini. Focusing on magic tricks, it's considered the authorative site on Houdini.

Vine Lift helps people get more followers on the popular video sharing site, Vine. It also specializes in getting more views to vines.

Android Verizon focuses on the Android operating system and its related devices and how specifically they operate on the Verizon network.

Broadband Test runs a series of connection speed tests on your broadband network and compares how your machine does against other networks.

W3 Privacy contains virus databases, tips for keeping your computer and privacy safe, and an exhaustive list of proxy servers.

Awesome Baby Blogs is a directory of the best blogs about babies and parenting.